About Us


We are a team of educators who believe that one of the best ways to touch the hearts of children and adults alike, is through sincere exploration and reflection in writing about faith and things related to it.

Our writings and / or collection of books and upcoming of resource production aim to help us and our readers see the immense greatness of believing and placing trust in Allah. To trust HIM is first to know WHO Allah is. And with this intention, we write, publish, and print the books and resources, insya Allah.

Connecting first to our Creator, is the best way to know who we are as a person; our many potentials, strengths and weaknesses combined, that make us all the most unique persons on earth every created by our Rabb or all beings.



    Our logo signifies our mission in bringing ourselves and our readers from the darkness towards the light and in preserving that NUR Allah has given us by sustain reading as part of learning and reading of the phenomena that is happening around us.

    It carries the name of our education centres known as Cavenur. Cavenur is a name that reminds us of the three stories in the history of Islam, about people of iman who sought refuge in the Cave that metaphorically manifested the physical protection from Allah. They sought protection of their iman and belief in Allah and they were given the internal strength of the LIGHT or the NUR that they themselves wish to preserve.



    To bring ourselves and everyone around us from darkness towards the light.



    To increase in every reader, the sense of awe, and deepening of iman in Allah swt as The One and Only Rabb and the Creator of all beings.